Friday, October 27, 2017

Should all children get pocket money?

This week we have been learning about exposition writing for our big writing sample so here is my writing about should all children get pocket money

Should all children get pocket money?


Title of your exposition
Should all children get pocket money?
-Start with a Rhetorical Question
-state your opinion
-give your 3 reasons why you think this
Do you earn pocket money? Well I firmly believe \that all children should get pocket money,firstly so they get to learn about the value of money,secondly so they learn how to save and finally they get to learn that you work for money not just get it given to you.
First Point
expand on your first reasons.
Firstly, pocket money will give children the chance to learn about the value of money. How? In life you need money for so many different things life pretty much is a ongoing cost. Having to pay for bills to live in your house, to have power, to have water all these things are essential in life. So if children are given pocket money they will learn that life is not cheap and to make their pocket money last. Even though they most likely will not have bills to pay at such an young age even buying things such as food can be costly so they may need to save their money to be able to buy more expensive things.
Point 2
Expand on your second reason.

Secondly if children were to earn pocket money they could learn how to save! If they really wanted something or things that their parents weren't willing to or can not afford to pay for by receiving pocket money they may be able to save over time all the money they have gotten to buy just what they want. Also, it may help them with future savings for more expensive things such as holidays, phones, laptops and so on. Saving money can most likely be tricky for anyone therefore if they learn how to young it may be easier for them in the future.
Point 3
Expand on your third reason.

Finally we all as children see our parents go off to work everyday to earn money, we see for ourselves that they work hard to earn the money they get to pay for us, our homes, the food we eat, the hot water that showers us, the clothes we wear and so much more. So having us earn pocket money through doing chores or jobs around the house is a valuable lesson to learn because money is not free! Everyone works for their money in some way.
Restate your opinion and why
You might recommend something for the reader to do or think. Why should they think the same as you?
So in conclusion i strongly believe that parents should give their children pocket money for saving in the future learning about the value of money and knowing that money doesn't grow one trees.

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