Wednesday, October 26, 2016

My Narrative Plan

 This week we have been learning how to write an narrative. We finished planing our story and now we fortunately we get to turn our story into a movie using a green screen.

Setting; MOEREWA

Jeffry and isabella
Problem - How does the problem come

The problem is that
There are a couple and they go to the motocross world championships.

They win the championships then  the girl finds
Out he owed money to a gang so they broke up then the gang took isabella.
How does the problem develop?

Jeffery’s bike blows up so then he can't go save isabella.
Climax and solution - how does it get sorted?

Jeffry had an spare motorbike. So he   jumps on his motorbike and
Chases after them then he caught up to the gang. They start shooting
Then he grabs his gun and shoots back
He shoots the tyers and then the  car flips
And jeffry rescue isabella and arrest
The 3 gang members. And isabella goes back out with jeffry.