Friday, March 24, 2017

Found Poem

This week we have done something called a found poem and we had some old books and got one page and then we circled words to make a little poem.We then put a cool background related to the poem on the page So Here is my Found poem. This is what it says:

The night had giant fingers capture and clutch in mock terror, anxiety suddenly was by my side I want to go home.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Should We Bring Rubbish Bins Back to school

Should we bring rubbish bins back to school

I strongly believe  that we should get our rubbish bins back Firstly kids don't put their rubbish in there bags Secondly there is more rubbish in places where teachers don't go. Lastly it's is polluting the planet

To begin with  the kids at our school don't put their rubbish in there bags they put them on the ground or other places around the school and then we have to clean it instead of doing work.

Secondly Kids are too lazy to put there rubbish in there bags so when they are walking to places they then put their rubbish in places where the teachers don't go or don't look.

Lastly if our rubbish doesn't go in the rubbish bins it is on the ground then it flies away and goes to the sea then the sea gets polluted  and we don't want our school or country polluted.

So in conclusion these are the reasons that i believe that we need to be given another chance to show that we can use the rubbish bins properly and responsibly.