Tuesday, May 31, 2016


This is explanation writting this is what we having been learning how to write. So my first writting was about
how tadpoles turn into frogs so please enjoy.
 Have you ever wondered how tadpoles turn into fully grown frogs?
 Tadpoles go through many changes then finally they become frogs.

Frogs begin their lives by hatching in a group called spawn. But It takes about 6-21 days before they hatch.Then they will slowly develop a tail,sucker,eyes and a mouth.

The tadpole spends most of its time swimming in lakes and ponds, eating and growing. Tadpoles
breathes by using their gills as it hasn’t fully grown so doesn’t know hot to breathe out of there lungs, its tail is still fully on.

The tadpole develops hind legs and then next sprouts out there arms after their legs start growing, it has a longer body how long the arms grow out to, it also has more of a distinct head.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

My Axolotl

This Thinglink shows the information I collected about Axolotl's. There are five elements I was looking for
1.Appearance, 2.Behaviour, 3.Diet, 4.Habitat and 5.Predators.