Monday, April 10, 2017

My Pepeha

This is my pepeha that will tell you who i am and where i come from.

Sun Hats

This is another one of my writings to work on my focuses

Sun Hats
Do you want to be a one of the people diagnosed with melanoma (skin cancer)? Over 4000 New Zealanders are diagnosed every year with melanoma. Do you want to be one of these people? I agree that sunhats should be compulsory in New Zealand schools. Firstly, hats can stop you from getting sunburnt. Secondly, it should be a compulsory requirement at our new Zealand schools Lastly, some hats  can be a big fashion statement.

So to begin with there are a lot of people in New Zealand that are diagnosed with melanoma (skin cancer) each year, even each day, so how do you think we can decrease this ? Well did you know that sun hats can do a lot to help you to prevent yourself from getting melanoma. Hats stop the sun from beaming onto your face and burning your nose which is one of the most common places where you can get melanoma. Sun hats should be compulsory at our New Zealand school!

Secondly, I strongly believe that wearing sun hats at school during lunch and morning tea should be a compulsory rule. Kids needs to be protected because their skin is more delicate and burns easier than adults skin so if kids keep putting their hats on it becomes a habit and then they are protecting themselves without even thinking about.

Lastly, not only can hats protect you from the sun it could also be a fashion statement you can support your local teams and even other big teams like the Chicago bulls ect , it can go with your outfit and you can show your individuality.

So in conclusion, I am adamant that sun hats should be compulsory in our New Zealand schools. Some hats can actually be apart of a big fashion frenzy and should it be a rule at each school because melanoma can kill people. So, I strongly recommend to go out and buy you a sun hat today!

Rubbish Bins

This is my writing about rubbish bins my focus on in my writing was my opening statement and closing statement.

Should we get our rubbish bins back

Are u sick of taking your rubbish home? I strongly believe  that we should get our rubbish bins back Firstly kids don't put their rubbish in there bags Secondly there is more rubbish in places where teachers don't go and look. Lastly it's is polluting the planet

To begin with  the kids at our school don't put their rubbish in there bags they put it in there pockets and other places so what does that mean? well when  they go to run around and play it falls out of there pocket and makes a bigger mess that we have to clean up after lunch when we are supposed to be doing work.

Secondly Kids are too lazy to put there rubbish in there bags so when they are going somewhere and they have rubbish in their pockets they put their rubbish in places where the teachers don't go or don't look or even just drop it when the teachers are not looking.

Lastly if our rubbish doesn't go in the rubbish bins it is on the ground then it flies away and goes to the sea then the sea gets polluted  and we don't want our school or country polluted.

So in conclusion these are the reasons that i believe that we need to be given another chance to show that we can use the rubbish bins properly and responsibly.


This term we have been learning how to write things in our own words and not just copying and pasting things from the internet straight on to our work so to practice we have done a research on a animal so here is mine